Saturday, December 12, 2009

The little Things that make Christmas: 13 days to Christmas

Pictures from Cox & Cox UK

This post is part of 14 posts, really 14 days countdown to christmas day. I'll post christmas related inspiration under various themes such as trees, wreaths, table settings, etc. etc. etc. so do check back daily for more great inspiration!!

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cleobytheseao said...

These are lovely photo's which put you in mood. I intended to make my own crackers this year but haven't had the time. Still, they're always fun regardless of what you get inside them. :)

Gena D said...

I agree! xmas is just not xmas without crackers at the table! I believe they are dead easy to make!? Let me know how you go, maybe, time allowing I may make some too!! have a great weekend! Gena

Gayle (GardenofDaisies) said...

Just realized that I do not have my christmas crackers yet! I will have to find some this weekend!

Gena D said...

haha! you see there is value after all in these posts!!! Gayle have a great xmas and hope you find the perfect cracker!!!!

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