Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Trees: 12 days to Christmas

a natural tree with touches of red  (image: Country Living)

simple arts & crafts christmas tree (image: Country Living)

shades of pink (Image : House & Garden UK)

in neutral shades (Image:  House & Garden UK)

decorated in green and white (Image : House & Garden UK)

Dried branch tree (Image: Coastal Living)

a vibrant collection of trees (Image: Coastal Living)

an outdoor Christmas tree in shades of blue (Image : Coastal Living)

This post is part of 14 posts, really 14 days countdown to christmas day. I'll post christmas related inspiration under various themes such as trees, wreaths, table settings, etc. etc. etc. so do check back daily for more great inspiration!!


Cherry said...

Wonderful have a special taste...much appreciated. Natural trees especially give us a totally different feeling. What we have at home is an artificial one..


Gena D said...

You are most welcome!! WE also have a fake one, here in South Africa it is not common practice to sue the real thing, I think it's more a north american thing!

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