Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Wreaths : 11 days to Christmas

with fresh flowers against a vibrant door (image: country living)

made of pinecones (image: country living)

held in place with ribbon (image: country living)

decorating the doorways (image: country living)

in the window (image: country living)

a framed wreath (image: country living)

wreaths as part of a crockery display (image: country living)

wreath in a tote (image: country living)

wreath whith shells (image: coastal living)

wreath down the banister (image: coastal living)

wreath (image: Ideal Home)

decorating the window (image: Country Living)

This post is part of 14 posts, really 14 days countdown to christmas day. I've post christmas related inspiration under various themes such as trees, wreaths, table settings, etc. etc. etc. so do check back daily, and/or click on link below to see more great inspiration!!


Cherry said...

Thanks much for posting these wonderful pictures as a countdown to really gives me a feeling that I should have all of them at home...I love them...


Gena D said...

That's the downside hey? everything is soo pretty you want a little bit of all of them ..... oh well at least we can enjoy with our eyes!!

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