Friday, December 11, 2009

Baubles, Candles and more: 14 Days to Christmas

This post is part of 14 posts, really 14 days countdown to christmas day.  I'll post christmas related inspiration under various themes such as trees, wreaths, table settings, etc. etc. etc. so do check back daily for more great inspiration!!

In preparation for the festive season, great inspirational pictures are always welcome, so here's a collection on baubles, candles, and other xmas items! Enjoy!

Pictures 1-7 from Living etc. Gallery 8-11 Country Living

for more christmas inspiration, decor and ideas, see links below:

and of course, to view loads of posts on Christmas ideas at The Inspired Room, click here.


tpurk said...

Quite enjoyed your collection of bauble inspirations. I'm always on the lookout for new interpretations of old ideas. Thanks for sharing.
Terrie - YourDecoratingHotline

Gena D said...

Thanks Terrie... for visiting and your feedback!!

Lamp Tramp said...

Love all your inspirational images....the Christmas season is so fun and visual!

Gena D said...

Isn't it just ... I'm always in awe of the different things people come up with ... in my 'research" for spcific pics, I saw some many good ones, that I decided to use them on a 14 days to christmas posts. Gena
PS> thanks for visiting!

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