Tuesday, November 3, 2009

{Echo} 2: Decorate

This is "part 2" of the Echo Challenge which Susan Tuttle of Ilkas Attic (blog) and her friend Christi are running. They put out a WORD, and the key is to interpret the word through the camera lens. See Susan and Christi's interpretation here.

The second word is DECORATE, (click for dictionary) - which construed all sorts of ideas in the mind, from the typical - to decorate a room or a space, to nature's own decoration (autumn leaves, spring blooms, raindrops etc. etc. etc.), to human embellishment. I had planned to use totally different pictures (my first instinct on the word), but time did not allow for me to go and capture them, so I decided to opt for a different approach.

Picture 1 (above) is how man's decoration (paintwork) has turned into nature's decoration over the years - how time and the elements have added their own character, texture and colour. I love how the colours have faded here and there and seem to be "running down the building" ... It is also about wonderful architectural detail - the arches, the balustrades, the woodwork on the doors and windows, etc. - all of which are, of course a form of "decoration".
Picture taken Aug 2009 in Setubal, Portugal.

Picture 2 is about whimsical and creative decoration - an old zinc bath which has been upturned and used to paint fun, inspirational words on it - perfect decoration for the garden. And yes, creativity is about having fun!!
Picture taken in Cullinan (South Africa).

Nov 08, 2009 - This one is a later addition, which I simply couldn't resist
Picture 3 - old, unused zinc baths used as decor against an old fence, with nasturtiums and other growth allowed to clamber in and around them ...

Picture taken : Cullinan, South Africa

Picture Credits : All Gena D Photography & Images


stacy di said...

sounds like an interesting project!

I love the picture of the house in Portugal...just beautiful colors.

Gena said...

Thank you so much for the feedback - it is an interesting challenge, best part is what your mind conjures up with a single word, fascinating stuff!!

Hope you 'see" you again soon!

Cherry said...

I love these kind of projects...and your snap of the building really suits what you have in mind...that inspires me to write something in that direction :)) I was thinking that I have seen many buildings but I have not thought in this direction...good...your creative mind is very active. There is actually a beauty in everything.
Have u noticed another beautiful thing about natural things like trees, mountains, rocks,etc is that even when they wear they have a very attractive beauty and shade in them....

Also... I have some old items like the bath tub which I am going to try and do some creative decoration for my garden too...

Thanks for this post..



Gena said...

I'm so glad you are inspired by the pics!!!! I sometimes wonder "who cares" who even sees them. Yes, photography has taught me that there is beauty in absolutely everything - even in the most derelict of spaces, you just have to find it ..... that is WHY I LOVE photography - it has opened up a whole new world for me, and seemingly for you too! On the project, yes I find a word prompt is amazing - one word and your mind takes you on a journey of creativity, you explore ideas that you possibly would not have thought of! After all there are no real boundaries, only those imposed by our own minds! Always love your feedback!


PS> I recommend you read the article I wrote on "capturing the moment" on "thinking Aloud" Link:

Brenda Lynn said...

"one word and your mind takes you on a journey of creativity"

Yes, that's it! And to take a camera and capture what's dancing in your mind's eye... awesome.

Gena said...

Hello Brenda thanks so visiting!! Yep I see you also get the 'feeling" the "excitement" that goes with a word prompt - very powerful!!!

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