Wednesday, October 28, 2009

{Echo} 1. Emerge


I was "introduced" to this artistic endeavour through Deryn Mentock's blog Something Sublime. Susan Tuttle of Ilkas Attic (blog) and her friend Christi, will put out a biweekly WORD (the first being EMERGE - click on word for dictionary definition). The key is to interpret the word through the camera lens. See Susan and Christi's interpretation here.

Whilst going through photographs that I have recently taken, I came across the one of the "emerging" agapanthus flower head (above), and thought - "heck, why not?" So here I am! I've joined this creative endeavour too!


And here are my interpretations of the word emerge, which to me signify new beginnings or new developments in whatever form. As we are spring (being the southern hemisphere) of course, new beginnings at present are really about new growth, new energy, vibrancy, greenery, a new chapter, second chances...


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