Monday, November 2, 2009

The 5 accessories that I'm currently lovin'

1. Pink paisley pashmina
Like all ladies, I go through fads... things I love above all others, and then find I wear them ALOT. I recently noticed that I seemed to be gravitating towards these 5 items on a very regular basis ... not sure if it's the colour, the texture, or that quite simply they are great, hard wearing items. So here is the list:
  1. Pink paisley pashmina - above (great in winter and summer) and the colour just seems to go with many things.
  2. My black crochet handbag - it's smaller that what I normally use, but this one is flexible so I can fit in lots of things (very important, hehe!!!), and again being black it goes with most outfits and had been used to both casual events and fancy do's....

3. Silver heart pendant - it's light, it's gorgeous, it's lightweight, it goes with everything!!

4. Zulu teething bead necklaces - this is a traditional south african bead (evidently used as teething beads for babies in the Zulu culture) which are now a HUGE fashion statement. The colours vary from dark grey, to whitish to creamy brown .... so they go with a lot of things and always look good! a definite favorite! AND when not adorning my neck, I use these as part of tablescapes - see pictures here.

5. Pink leather flatties - I bought these in Portugal recently. They are soft, vibrant, and VERY comfortable (if you read my recent post on Thinking Aloud, you would recall that comfortable shoes is one of {my} life's must haves!), the shape and style is good enough to wear casually as well as to smarter events .....

So there you have it. It seems that the common factors here are:
visually appealling...
I'm sure I'm not the only one who gravitates to the same item for a season or two, so tell me about your favorite items.

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