Monday, October 12, 2009

Displays using everyday items

1. A glass vase with a single protea

I just absolutely love the simplicity of using things we already have and repurposing them, and/ or adding to that an everyday common item, such as a single flower, fruit, nuts, shells, etc. or even just simply gathering a number of same or similar items together and creating a display. Either way, this is easy to accomplish and always make a great imapct - take a look at these examples....

2. Ceramic bowl with bird's eggs

3. Metal basket with freshly picked lemons

4. Pewter vessel and red apples

5. Pears arranged on a simple white plate

Picture Credits: 1, 3, 4 Gena D Phtography

Picture Credits: 2, 5 Country Living magazine


Cherry said...
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Cherry said...

What kind of camera do u it the Canon Rebel? The snaps are very good...let me pick the bird's egg and the single protea as the best of the collection and the pears for the best photo shot...



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