Friday, October 9, 2009

Sweet French Tarts

I was watching a re-run of Laura Calder's French Food at Home (series 1) and particularly enjoyed the episodes in which she tackles Savoury and Sweet French Tarts, respectively. My interest could probably be ascribed to the fact that I've always had a "fear" or maybe more of a, resistance, to working with pastry, but have more recently ventured to try a few things and realised it actually isn't that much of a saga. Of course, let's not forget the fact that Laura makes everything look and feel soooo easy, I guess also helps .... anyway here is the link to her sweet tart recipes .... Enjoy, I'm hoping to tackle the Rustic Apple Galette.

Click on Link, which takes you to the page that lists the Sweet Tarts :

Picture Credit: French Food at Home


Cherry said...

This pic that you have put here gives me a good feeling...I feel I should have these soon:)


Gena said...

Oh yes ..... I managed to make the Rustic apple start ... very yummy!!! will share my thoughts on that soon!

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