Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cabbages & Roses

Cabbages & Roses is just one of those websites, that I can spend mounds of time on ..... obviously by the name, you know it has an edge of vintage to it, the pictures are gorgeous the items beautiful and there's definitely a look and feel to the styling which tells you it's based on good old design principles. Last week in the throes of a bout of SERIOUS procrastination, I spent some time browsing thru the wonderful array of products and pictures ...... here are but some, to delight and tantalise your senses!

Which are your favorite sites ? Places that you escape to, where you can can simply while away the hours .....

Picture Credits: Cabbages & Roses website

1 comment:

Cherry said...

Pictures are really good...especially the one of the lady walking down the road....



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