Monday, July 6, 2009

Wonderful Items from Linda Barker

I came across Linda Barker's site a while back. Linda is a UK based decorator who also sells really lovely items from her website. Linda's goods are truly gorgeous - they seem to have an air of old world, country decor, vintage, yet with a modern twist. I've downloaded a few of the pics to show you! On the other end of the spectrum she also does some really elegant and decadent items (go to her website for more beautiful items).

Don't you just feel inspired to go and revamp your dining room or kitchen ...... set a wonderful table for lunch, or maybe tea?
For those in the UK, take a look at the website and go shopping, for those of us elsewhere (I think they ship overseas?)....but for now, alas, we'll just ogle the website and dream on ..... Tea and scones anyone???

Pictures: Linda Barker website:

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