Thursday, July 9, 2009

The beauty of old "cities"

I was thinking about whether posting something on an old city or country construes as vintage!?! Well my point is this, I just love old buildings, old homes, old cities (OK, yes with modern amenities!) but the look and feel of the architecture, the texture of the finishes, the artistry (just look at the detail of the window surround, below), that fact that history oozes out of the walls and cobbled streets ..... I often wonder who has walked these streets, what good or even great things have happened here......
As I am travelling to Portugal very soon and a good friend left for Italy last night, I guess that is where my mind (and heart) is at present. I was recently looking through some of the numerous pictures posted on Emma De Cerro's The Algarve Facebook page (and also the I Love Portugal facebook page) and just so enjoyed the moment, here is a mere sampling of some of the pictures, sadly not my own, this time round...

Hope you enjoyed this little detour in your day...... more to come ....
PS. Old Cities is really poetic license referring to places steeped in a rich architectural and cultural history ... whether they be a a city in the real sense of the word, or simply a view of a beautiful old village or town.
Pictures: taken off Emma Cerro's Algarve Facebook Page

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