Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Collection of Vintage Items Displayed

Generally, people who love old things, old items, whether they are of value of not, tend to amass quite alot of them.

You see, if you're afflicted with this "disease', every time you see yet another silver tray, silver teapot, vintage wooden or ceramic bowl or jug, or old books, or bag, or fabric, or,or, or ..... you simply get inspired by all the wonderful possibilities: what you can do with the item, where you can put the item, how you will use the item....quite frankly the inspired mind can come up with dozens of ideas and visions in the space of minutes!

Over time, the dilemma is inevitably, what to do with this vast collection of things? How best to display them, to display or not to display even....

The most critical trick, is that in order to create an effective display of collections, all like/ similar items must be grouped together (if too many, then more than one grouping) i.e. similar in look. in design, texture colour, or appearance, etc. By displaying similar items in a mass, creates the most impact, which is quite simply, just so much more profound!

After reading a recent blog entry on Sadie Olive's blogsite, which fits in perfectly with my "story" on displaying collections, I decided to "lean" on the wonderful examples she's put together, to further depict the beauty of a great display. These displays are her very own - I particularly love the collection of old brushes which on their own are probably quite unattractive or ugly even, yet together, create artistic beauty.

My comment on Sadie Olive's blog, says it all : ..."it always amazes me, how you make the roughest, at times almost the ugliest of items, into something truly spectacular"....

And remember if you much still too many items, then choose some, and store the rest .... you don't want to overdo the display, just keep it simple.

My inspiration for the article came from Sadie Olives's blog "Inspired by"

Pictures from Country Living Website: Country Living

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