Monday, April 27, 2009

Welcome to Vintage Rose!!

Well it's taken me, what seems an eternity to get going with this blog thing ...... For many months now I have so enjoyed going through many creative and inspirational blogs, and now the time has come join the crowd.

My name is Gena. Vintage Rose Studio is an extension of all things that I love and adore, it's about old world things and values, it's about reflecting the beauty around us, it's about feeling at home, it's about good simple food, wine and good music, it's about being comfortable, it's about my absolute unfailing love affair with fabrics and textiles of any kind, it's about being kind to the world, it's about appreciating all the small things around us.

Vintage Rose Studio is about repurposing, reinvinting, recycling, using old things even if they may be weathered, bent, buckled or frayed. Often this may reflect in something handmade using old fabric or an old item of clothing, or taking something old and repurposing it into something useful.

Other times it'll be about reflecting the beauty of the world around us through my eyes and the lens of my faithful camera ... especially the small things that people normally walk past without noticing.

We had autumn rain this weekend, which is really not the norm in the southern hemisphere, our Camellias are also blooming earlier than usual.... couldn't resist a snapshot of this rainsoaked camellia.


Jeanneoli said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful blog. I look forward to more of your posts!!!

Gena said...

Thanks for stopping by Jeanne!

Cherry said...

I just went back to see how you started...yes I too took a long time to begin...I believe, one thing that I realised after seeing a few blogs and yours is the beauty in small things that lie around us.
A beautiful rose...if I am right..and the rainsoaked Camelia is simply wonderful...I think the droplets evaporate from the leaves faster. After rains, I take my daughter out into my garden and we touch the wet tree trunk and leaves...there is something in it..some feeling natural that I can't explain...I love it..



Gena said...

It's wonderful how you appreciate the "small things" the simple things .... we simply need to, otherwise life is just one big chaotic mess ..... it's great that you are "teaching" your daughter to appreacite these things too .... great papa!!! G

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