Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Red Pantry

Are pantries a thing of the past? or, are they back in vogue?
All I know is that I do not have one, and would LOVE one  .... okay don 't get me wrong we have loads of cupboards in our spacious kitchen, but it's not the same ....  I'd love to be able to store my vases and jam jars and, and, and ... in neat rows, have eveything I need at hand's also reminiscent of times gone by ....well you get it don't you?
This image from Home Life appeals not only because it is part of a pantry, but because it's orderly, has perfect packing shelves, is a crazy vibrant red and is decorated with old "posters"...... just perfect!!
how about you? do you have a pantry? do you think it's a necessity in our kitchen space?
Image from Home Life Australia



Hootin' Anni said...

I have one...well, it's called a pantry on the house spec sheet...but it isn't a 'walk in'. I'd like one myself also.

My Ruby Tuesday? I've Got Crabs Do stop by if you get a chance. Have a great day.

Marie said...

I don't have a built in pantry in my tiny cottage, but I have an antique pantry that I find useful enough. But my goal is to be able to make homemade jams just like in that photo.

daylily777 said...

Great red pantry ! I wish I had a pantry !

maryt/theteach said...

Pantries are not a thing of the past! I grew up with a pantry and have one know. I love the fact that I can walk into a (small) room full of food! Happy Ruby Tuesday! :)

Gena D said...

Marie - Well maybe one day you will show us your gorgeous jars of jam in your pantry?!

Mary - oh you make me green with envy ..... that's the feeling that a pantry evokes, isn't it?!

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