Thursday, January 14, 2010

Vintage Details

a vintage dressmakers dummy ....
Every now and again, I love to do a post on vintage details, that is, the little things that make a country styled home, a real home.  Besides that I always find that there is a quirky element to the pictures I choose, making them more interesting for the viewer, so here is the latest offering, enjoy!

a wonderful black & white print amd a copper container used for firewood

a rusty urn with a pumpkin

a seasonal wreath made of oak leaves and other materials. don't you just love the door!!!????

a sunburst mirror, old suitcases and other quirky items

a display with silver and crystal

flowers in a simple glass jar and loads of old books... heaven!

Images from Country Living Gallery


Martha said...

It's those unexpected details that give a room "punch" (I don't really like that term but it fits here!) Love the photos but I noticed the horse first -- rather than the copper - I thought that great picture of the horse was the "punch"

Gena D said...

Hi Martha, thanks for stopping by .. yes I agree with you .... that's why I had to draw attention to the copped bucket for firewood!!!
Gena @ Vintage Rose Studio

Maggie B said...

Hi Gena,
What wonderful images you have shared today, each one better than the one that went before.

Rebecca said...

Oh, yes I do love that door!

Gena D said...

I thought you would - hehe! pity neither of us took the pic hey?!

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