Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pretty Country Cottage Touches

fresh flowers from the garden in a jug

From time to time I love to do a post on simple details i.e. the things that make coutnry, country.  So today as part of a Ruby Tuesday post, here are some country touches with a hint of red, to enjoy!!

hand made quilt

wonderful crockery

and great hand stitched placemats

a wonderful array of lampshades

scatter cushions with touches of red

more fresh flowers and pretty accessories

a vintage display

and another:  linen scatter, worn furniture and some found objects

and finally, a gorgeous country sitting area!

I hope you enjoyed that little bit of vintage inspiration.


Maria said...

What nice interior designs you have presented. And thanks for the visit.

Gattina said...

Very nice pictures, showing your love for decorating !

marian said...

omygosh what gorgeous photos..i simply adore that quilt and the vintage furniture..thanks for visiting :)

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh so very pretty and charming!! Love the water pump and the quilt best! But the lighting in all the photos just ring out with professionalism in photography!! You did so well.

My Ruby Tuesday is posted HERE --scroll down below the Heads or Tails Meme to find it tho!

Happy day to you.

eden said...

Beautiful series of pictures. I love the handmade quilt the most..

Anonymous said...

Lovely series with a wonderful atmosphere.

Jew Wishes said...

What warm and inviting decor, tones and styles to fill the soul.

fiberdoodles said...

So pretty. I just love it all! Happy Ruby Tuesday!!

Dimple said...

Lovely reds, I especially like the quilt.
Thanks for visiting!

Gena D said...

Thank you all for your feedback and comments - much appreciated - have popped into to your respective blogs!

Gena D said...

Hello everyone - thanks for your visit and lovely comments - much appreciated!!! Hope to see you back again!!! Gena

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