Friday, January 15, 2010

French Friday: A view from bed ....

Imagine lying on this bed, a gentle breeze blowing in and just outside the doorway is the garden, in the distance the provencal fields, olive trees and poppies ..... have a great weekend! 

Image credit : Provence Interiors, Taschen


julie said...

Waking up with that view is a great way to start one's day :) Lovely!

GardenofDaisies said...

OOOH! what a lovely view from bed. Beautiful ironwork too.
To answer your question, yes I do speak a little portuguese. I lived in Brazil for several years when I was a girl. I don't have opportunity to use it, so I have forgotten a lot, but if I try hard I can speak and understand.. Went back to visit a bout 10 years ago and after 2 weeks it had all come back to me.

Gena D said...

thanks for popping by ladies, we can dream ne c'est pas????!!
Gayle , of course I remember, but associate you with the Jacaranda posts on Thinking Aloud ... my apologies!

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