Thursday, January 28, 2010

{Echo} 6: Faces

In the sixth "chapter" of the Echo (Word) Challenge which Susan Tuttle of Ilka's Attic (blog) and her friend Christi are running, the word prompt is FACES. 
So this is how it works, they put out a WORD prompt, and the key is to interpret the word through the camera lens. 
I chose to use this image of a wooden sculpture, clearly depicting it's rather abstract  face, and also the giant sunflower (below), possibly because sunflowers remind me of people standing in the field, facing and following the direction of the sun all day.  To me, they are happy flowers and never fail to lift the spirits ....

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Image: All rights reserved - copyright 2010 Gena D Images
for Vintage Rose Studio


Kilauea Poetry said...

Pretty blog..your others are neat too. I like the faces here you've captured here..this looks fun. A weekly? I'll check the link out. Have a great weekend-

Cherry said...

The abstract face is simply superb...and I like your thoughts about the sunflower long did you spend to locate that wooden face? I love it very much...nice creation. Echo as I told you earlier is a very nice concept..


Gena D said...

Hi there Kilauea! thanks for your lovely comments. The echo Challenge is not a weekly - they run it twice a month - it's around a word prompt and creative photography, (photoshop etc.) of which I have not done much (in terms of Photoshop), so I join in with my viewpoint and images .....
Gena @ thinking aloud

Gena D said...

Hi Roy! thanks for stopping by! I tend to always (okay well at least 80% of the time) have a camera with me, so that I can capture things/ moments, and this is one such image ... .taken on a heritage walk - the sculpture is not pretty/ very abstract, but the lines are so cool, so I decided to shoot a few angles and details, little did I know that one of the images would come in handy!!! hehe!!!
have a great week!
Gena @ Vintage Rose Studio

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