Tuesday, January 19, 2010

{Echo} 5: Melody

This is the fifth "chapter" of the Echo (Word) Challenge which Susan Tuttle of Ilka's Attic (blog) and her friend Christi are running.    They put out a WORD prompt, and the key is to interpret the word through the camera lens.     The current word is MELODY.

The mind runs amock with ideas on how to depict this one ... many ideas, maybe not enough photographs to demonstrate, so we need to get creative .... One of the first things that goes through my mind is the ocean,  then voices, musical instruments...
I eventually played a round with a mosaic of Rubinstein's compostion Melody and images of a violin - settling on this one.     To complement that I decide on a shot I'd taken of the musical fountains display at  Brighwater Commons (an outdoor venue in Johannesburg South Africa).
and to view more information and other entrants to the Echo challenge click here and here
Images - All rights reserved - copyright 2010 Gena D Images
for Vintage Rose Studio 


Alyice Edrich said...

I love the musical notes composition, totally reminds me of classical music and brings to mind my favorite, Bach.

Shona Cole said...

perfect! love the tones they compliment each other well.


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