Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vintage Rose Kitchen: A Celebration with Chocolate Cupcakes

It was my darling niece, Jennifer's, ninth birthday this past week, so in honour we held a family celebration for her on Sunday.  Although she's only nine, she is quite "grown up' for her age, and I thought to do something a little more glamorous, albeit fun.      She adores chocolate cake, and being a girly girl, likes pink, so that part was easy.  

So instead of baking a normal "cake" I decided to take a chocolate cupcake recipe, "dress" the cupcakes up and place them on a cake stand ...    here are some pics of the end result and of the table setting.

frosted and decorated cupcakes - I added fresh flowers to add colour

So all you need is a chocolate cake or cupcake recipe, bake as per instructions (the recipe I used made 16 cupcakes).   You ice/ frost the cupcakes with your favorite frosting recipe, add sprinkles or other appropriate decorations, add candles.  

I added flowers as it was part of the theme and somehow it always looks good - just ensure you use flowers that are not poisonous, if you decide to do the same.   
And voila! you have a celebration!

the table setting in vibrant pink and toning shades - gorgeous candles and fresh flowers

Jennifer - the "young lady" of honour!! 
Happy birthday my sweetheart, may you have many more!

Pictures: Gena D Images

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