Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vintage Shopping : The Lamp Post

Loving vintage things and finds, means that I (obviously) LOVE vintage shopping!      Well in my hunt for great places for vintage finds, I have uncovered a few "hiddden gems" so to speak, and will be posting these as and when.

a wonderful array of vintage brooches

 For the first post on vintage shopping, I've chosen a little store in Norwood (Johannesburg) called The Lamp Post - it's small, quaint, neat, clean, the decor is often rearranged, to keep it fresh.  The best part is that there is always a huge variety of iems to be found, from vintage clothes, vintage brooches, beautiful gloves, to old crockery and cutlery, vintage furniture items, garden utensils, the odd art piece .... the list goes on ....

a unique art piece made with traditonal african fabric, seshweshwe (previously featured on Vintage Rose Studio)


A wonderful collection of lether gloves ....

The Lamp Post has apparently been featured in the Oprah magazine (altho I have not seen the article myself) and can be found on the corner of William and Grant Avenue in Norwood.  Tel: +27117286388. (sadly no website)

For previous entry on (traditional african fabric)  Seshweshwe, click here.

Picture Credits:  Gena D Photgraphy & Imsges taken on location at The Lamp Post.

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