Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vintage Rose Kitchen: Zucchini Cake (bread/ loaf or even muffins)

zucchini loaf and muffins

A while back I saw a recipe for a Zucchini (baby marrow or courgette) loaf and was fascinated - after all we do not normally relate vegetables (with exception of the carrot) to cakes, sweet loaves or muffins.    Well I tried it and loved it. 

I've since modified the recipe slightly (as I always do) making it less sweet and adding more zucchini and other ingredients.   We have now tried it in various forms from the loaf, to muffins to a gorgeous cake  (see pics below) which I made for a gathering yesterday ..... it's simply wonderful and reminiscent of the wondorous carrot cake...

a slice of zucchini cake ....

3 eggs
1 cup cooking oil
1 1/2 cups sugar
2 1/2 cups grated zucchini
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 cups walnuts/ pecans (optional)
3 cups self raising flour
1 tsp salt
3 tsps cinnamon
zest of a lemon

Okay and how to make it up ....
1.  Beat eggs, oil and sugar together until well creamed
2. Stir in zucchini
3. Add flour, salt, and cinnamon
4. Finally stir in nuts and lemon zest.  Do not over mix.
5. Pour batter into a substantial loaf or cake tin until 3/4 full
6. Bake at 160 degrees (325 F) for approx 60 minutes
7. If you are making muffins, bake for approx 30 minutes
NB. this amount of batter make a very large loaf or cake!

after pouring the "wicked' cream and yoghurt "icing" - yummy .....

We decided to "ice" (frost) the cake and here is the recipe:
150mls cream, whipped
4 heaped tbls icing sugar
3 tbls plain yoghurt
zest of a lemon
Mix all ingredients well and refrigerate.

When cake is cold, pour generously over the cake, allowing the icing to pour down the sides.
Note:   You will need to refrigerate any leftover cake, due to the dairy in the "icing".

 Picture Credits :  Gena D Images


Cherry said...

We would like to try this out here. Could you please tell me what is Zucchini (baby marrow orcourgette)..the common name for it...also what is wicked cream?


Gena D said...

Roy, Zucchini/ baby marrow/ courgette are all names for a type of fleshy marrow (do a google search for details and pictures), altho you could use other marrows or even pumpkin, or even butternut squash - worst case use grated carrot.

"Wicked" cream and yoghurt icing - because it's wickedly creamy and delicious!!! I hope you manage to try it! let me know

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