Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Vintage Inspired Bathrooms

a self standing bath in a wooden clad style bathroom with pegs for hanging towels, gorgeous pot plants on the sill of a sash window .... (Picture Credit:  Country Living)

Last week I did a post on a gorgeous vintage inspired kitchen and the details of what makes a great vintage kitchen.  This week, I've chosen to do vintage bathrooms and the detail that makes a great vintage inspired bathroom, what it is, or, should be.   So here are a few samples to feast the eyes on ...

a  bath in a wooden frame/ box, beautiful windows (note the detail), soft curtaining and a vintage stool to put a towel on.  (Picture credit:  Coutnry Living)

cottage pane windows with wooden shutters, a plain white bathroom with a vintage chair - almost amish in it's austerity.   (Picture credit: Country Living)

vintage styled slipper bath in a french inspired bathroom - note the beautiful blue velevt Louis chair, the large ornate mirror and soft window treatment!!  (Picture Credit : Country Living)

old taps, ornate mirror, flowers in a simple glass bottle .... (Picture credit : Country Living)

old style black and white floor treatment, vintage inspired basins, flowers - with a modern twist - bright towels!    (Picture Credit : Beter Homes & Garden Gallery)

modern rectangular basins set on a vintage cupboard, old style wall tiles, sash windows, old style taps, and again, an old stool to place your towels on  - Lovely!!   (Picture credit:  Coastal Living)

So there you have it, a few examples of vintage bathrooms - generally great detailing but simplicity at it's best.


Jeanneoli said...

Love the one with the large gilded mirror...gorgeous and dreamy!!!

Gena D said...

Hi sweetie! yeah me too - defintely my fave!!

Cherry said...

I really love these pics...the last one in particular...the wood..and the basins. Are they water taps that is protruding from the mirror?
And if u were to visit my home here, we have two such cupboards and two wooden beds that my Dad bought from a British individual 50 years back....I always have a difference of opinion with my wife who wants to dispose these off...but I am holding on to these because I love them.....


Gena D said...

Yes, here's something very evocative about a room or space that's been put together well with a combination of old and new, lost and found, recycled and repurposed items ....

I'm with you on holding onto the old pieces - they are normally made of solid wood and the carpentry excellent - so sad to truf them! :-)

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