Saturday, November 7, 2009

Indispensible Kitchen items

I recently put together a list of kitchen indispensables - things that just make my life in the kitchen that much easier ...
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Picture Credit: Gena D Photography


Cherry said...

Good to see your collection Gena. I have this great feeling when I touch wooden utensils that I am in tune with nature and natural things..and its a different feeling when we handle steel...I see that your entire collection is that of wood. And what I see just beyond that your garden? What all do you have there Gena?

Gena said...

Roy, hey, I'm a girl, so this is only part of my kitchen collection!! hehe!!!! Yes, I do love wooden and bamboo utensils, all natural materials, no plastic (if possible) for me.

Very observant, yes that is the garden beyond. It's a a jumble of things, lots of trees and shrubs and a few seasonal plants ....

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