Thursday, November 19, 2009

{Echo} 3: Abundance

Part 3 of the Echo (Word) Challenge which Susan Tuttle of Ilkas Attic (blog) and her friend Christi are running.  They put out a WORD, and the key is to interpret the word through the camera lens. 

So the third word in the series is ABUNDANCE, (click for dictionary) which represents in simple terms, lots of, plenty, many, overflowing, too much of, plentiful, copious amounts of.     It also refers to wealth in monetary terms and an "abundance" in terms of love and affection.

"Under the Pear Tree"

Of all three words in the challenge so far, this one has been the most difficult for me to pin down in terms of a photograph, an image.   The first thing that came to mind is a market overflowing with fruit and vegetables and other food stuff, or fields 'abundant' in flower.    I also thought LOVE and affection, and in particular a recent spur of the moment snapshot that I took of a mom and babe .....

I eventually decided on the image above (in particular) entitled "Under the Pear Tree". 
It refers to an old pear tree at a friends farm in the country.    Evidently, this is a large tree and therefore afternoon tea is taken under it's massive (abundant?) canopy.  At this time of year the tree is laiden (abundantly?) with fruit and the moss covers most branches quite thickly, mostly due to it's age, but also due to the amount of rain.    This picture was taken looking upwards at the overhanging branch, which has since broken off in a storm, making this photograph all the more special.    

"Lilac covered roads"

The second image was a given i.e. spring, and fields, or in this case, roads, covered in flower.  This image refers to the Jacaranda tree which is not indigenous to South Africa, but was planted throughout certain areas quite abundantly in centuries past.    They reward us richly (and abundantly, I guess) every October/ November with their amazingly bright lilacy/ purple display of flowers, which line the streets and pavements.   If you happen to get a good view point over Johannesburg, for example, you will notice the vast number of Jacarandas in bloom - they quite literally 'brighten' up the city.

See Susan and Christi's interpretation here and here.


Susan Tuttle said...

so, so beautiful!

Gena D said...

Thank you so much for the feedback, Susan!! :-)

winnsangels said...

Such abundance. Gorgeous images.

Gena D said...

Thank you so much for visiting and leaving feedback. :-)

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