Monday, October 5, 2009

Oh what to do with all this stuff!?

On reading a blog posting "Junk in Use" by Sara Duckett of Sadie Olive fame, I had to smile, and then blush. Why ? you ask - well here's the thing. In my recent article on displaying collections, I alluded to the fact that those of us who love to collect, who love old things, who are quite simply inspired by things of yore, vintage things ... can't seem to control ourselves and inevitably end up with far too much, often in storage, but more often than not, just dumped in a store room, and with a partner threatening to get rid of things when we are not looking.

I smiled at Sara's blog, more because in reality I relate (too well, maybe) to her story. I too, have over the years amassed far too many things, far too much to even contemplate displaying, and yes, my partner, has threatened to get rid of some of the stuff.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, well, the only real solution is to be totally ruthless, sort through things, put aside those that you really love, anything that is worthy of being stored, should be stored in appropriate containers and labelled accordingly. Everything else, quite simply, can go to the nearest charity shop, after all, most do take in just about anything in order to raise funds - and, one man's trash is another man's treasure ....

With the remaining pile of things (that you love), find a space where they can be best displayed i.e. either on shelves, on walls, on a server or cupboard, or if appropriate, on the floor (although is is normally not ideal).

Remember my suggestion that you put like with like, so all your silver goes together (or at least is groups), all your blue and white China together, all your glass together and so on. Lay it flat on the floor and "play around" until you find a satisfying arrangement, or else empty the shelves and arrange until you like the look. Finally your cherished collection(s) have pride of place, can be seen and appreciated. When you tire of the display, simply removed it, store it and rotate with another.
To me, the simple beauty of a bunch of quirky items, that possibly on their own would be quite unattractive, but in a grouping can look so, so amazing, always fills me with delight! Remember to play around and above all, have fun!
They say, we teach that, which we ourselves most need to learn ... hhmmm, I guess there's a message in here for me ..... some tidying and sorting to do!!? Cheers for now!


Cherry said...

Your writing makes me think of all the goods that lie on top of our room and how important it is to get them sorted. There is a real beauty and satisfaction when we have them sorted and arranged right? True...I am going to try that out...



Gena said...

Hey Roy .... good luck with the sorting - there are many postive side effects to "controlling the clutter" thing !! ;-)

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