Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The old Barn

This picture was recently taken on the ground of the Sammy Marks Museum. This old barn is still standing and used as a growing and potting shed. I love how the garden area near it has been enhanced with stone and rock and this area in particular is used as a herb garden....

The remainder of the garden has plants which are generally quite hardy and/or waterwise and look amazing against this backdrop of rough stone, rocks and wild grasses.
Picture Credits: Gena D Photography


Cherry said...

I have just started going thru your blog and I love it.The photo of the Old barn and the garden area near it. Such places are nice and quite areas to spend some time alone. It has a mixture of tradition and tranquility.

Keep up the good work.



Gena said...

Thax so much for the feedback Roy and welcome to Vintage Rose Studio! I'm always in awe of spaces that are well utilised without having to "butcher" them i.e. leaving them as natural as possible, hence this place really appealed to me too!

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