Thursday, September 3, 2009

Beautiful Bedroom Inspiration

I hover between totally loving a wonderfully decorated vintage bedroom to loving a simple, uncluttered modern version - reality is I enjoy both - guess my Libran nature also has something to do with the confusion and the love of vintage. Fortunately with my line of work (interiors and gardens) I can create both and more, for other's, but in my own space I need to be more streamlined and find that I've tended towards a clever mix of the old and new - which works.

But that's for another time and another discussion, meanwhile, here are some wonderful examples of the vintage kind which I came across whilst browing through the Country Living website:

Picture Credits : Country Living Gallery
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Emma said...

I think I know what you mean.
I wish I had lot's of different types houses, so I could decorate them each in different styles and colours. I would love a simple uncluttered white house. I would also like a cosy cottage decorated with lovely checks and flowery prints and a wood burning stove. Ah well dream on hey!
Emma x

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