Wednesday, June 17, 2009

An uninspiring garden "shed"?

Most people with some form of garden, especially on older properties, will inevitably have an old store room or shed where things are (supposed to be) stored, but more often than not, end up being dumped!

Be that as it may, this area very quickly turns into a "strictly out of bounds zone". Pity, since normally there will be shrubs growing nearby, which without much effort immediately turn this area into a lovely "garden room" with an "old world" feel.

Quite simply paint the store room or shed in a contrasting vibrant shade (to your existing home colour) or simply just paint the door. Place an old wooden or concrete bench or other garden seating nearby and, voila... you have a quiet spot, reminiscent of a Provencal country garden (or something along those lines).

So think about it ... it's worth heading out there into the "no go zone"and revamping that 'shed' area, after all.

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